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I have been working exclusively in the areas of accounting and taxation for over 25 years now.  Let me apply my extensive education and experience towards solving your tax and accounting problems effectively in a manner that provides a great value to you. 


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I have worked extensively in tax preparation as a self-employed CPA each tax season since 2010, and at tax services in 2004 and several earlier tax seasons.  I have been involved in extensive tax work year round since 2010. I have very significant experience with individual, "C" & "S" corporation,  partnership, payroll, personal property, and local tax returns.

Public Accounting

I am a currently licensed Oregon CPA and IRS enrolled agent.  I have worked full-time over two years total at public accounting firms, including during the 2005 thru 2009 tax seasons, and have significant experience with individual, corporate, partnership, payroll, personal property, and local tax returns, in addition to my other work duties in public accounting.  In addition I have numerous tax seasons of tax preparation experience at tax services during the 1990s, and most recently the 2004 tax season.  My strong past tax experience enables me to focus on maintaining your accounting records in a form which is what CPAs or other tax professionals require for fast and accurate return preparation.  My public accounting experience has provided me with the opportunity work with the bookkeeping records of numerous small businesses and has been a valuable experience to me. I worked extensively in accounting year-end write-up during this public accounting work, which consisted of adjusting and closing client company accounting books for annual tax return preparation purposes and for the preparation of financial reports for internal managerial use.  Most of the client accounting records were on QuickBooks accounting software application which has enhanced my skills in setting up company books in QuickBooks, cleaning up user posting errors, and in more secure and effective use of the QuickBooks program overall.  I also have experience processing weekly and biweekly payrolls for two to 15 employee small businesses on QuickBooks, including providing timely tax deposit amounts and filing of all required government payroll tax reports, including year-end reports and W-2s.

Small Business Accounting Experience

I have 12 years of experience bookkeeping for small businesses. I have worked in industries such as nonprofit and social services, construction subcontractors, manufacturers, marine shipping, laboratory testing, and financial services.


Graduate of Washington State University Vancouver - Aug. 2002 - magna cum laude 
BA in Business Administration -


Past Employers

Complete record of past employment and/or references available upon request.



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