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With all the tasks you do in your business it is crucial that you have a clear and current understanding of your financial status.  Timely and accurate accounting reports will provide the information you need to make intelligent and strategic business decisions.  Let's get together and discuss how simple and valuable an organized outsourcing of your company accounting work would be!


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Bookkeeping (QuickBooks)

 I will provide you with fast, accurate, and affordable bookkeeping so that you can make better business decisions and complete accurate income and other tax returns. If you can bring me all of your relevant records, I can provide you with timely financial reports.

Various Levels of QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services


You can fax, email, or mail your documents to me, or I can pick them up at your location weekly, biweekly, or monthly. I will provide financial reports as often and comprehensive as needed by your own particular business. 


Monthly Bookkeeping

I can provide you with monthly reports to go along with your bank reconciliations including customer deposits and supplier payments so that you will have timely information for decision-making purposes.


Quarterly Bookkeeping

I can provide you with quarterly reports to go along with quarterly payroll reporting requirements and still providing relatively timely information on your business activities for making decisions.

Year-End Bookkeeping

I can provide you with an end of year completion of your accounting books, including financial reports which you can deliver to your banker or tax professional for an accurate tax return. This can be a very cost effective solution when you are having your taxes done by a larger professional tax firm such as a CPA firm with relatively high billing rates.


QuickBooks Setup / Support / Training

I can be available for assisting you with setup and any problems you may run into with your QuickBooks accounting program, and also to provide support and/or training to you or your bookkeeper. I can even access your accounting program online if you prefer to provide support or training, or to just quickly correct a problem.

QuickBooks Quarterly Review

I can be available to inspect your QuickBooks company file for errors and improper accounting and also for improper or less effective use of the QuickBooks program in recording certain transactions or types of transactions. You will be provided with a list of items which we can discuss and you or your bookkeeper can implement corrections or provide me with an Accountant's Copy so that I can make the changes for you.


Important records needed in order to properly complete your bookkeeping reports:

1. Original or copies of your checkbook ledger(s). If not a separate business account, it is important that you indicate which charges are personal purchases and which are business purchases.
2. All recent bank statements for all active accounts.
3. All recent credit card statements. Again, if not a separate business account, it is important that you indicate which charges are personal purchases and which are business purchases.
4. Receipts or listings with dates and costs for all purchases $250 and over.
5. Credit line and loan statements for current period (this year).
6. Information for any deposits not from merchandise sales or service revenue. For example, the sale of a computer used in your business, or a tax refund from last year.
7. Any other information which you think may be related to your business financial activity or to your annual income tax return information.
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