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Taxes are my specialty.  Current year tax returns, personal and business.  Estimated tax payment calculation.  Unfiled prior year returns.  Review of past filed returns.  Installment agreement payment plans.  IRS notices and intent to levy letters.  IRS Offers in Compromise.  Tax examinations and audits.  Future tax planning.  The IRS will not take all of your possessions or jail you when you work with them, for example, with honest disclosure of present income and property held.  Get your tax matters in order and take a lot of worries and stress out of your life!

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All current year returns efiled for no additional charge! *

* Except for certain state business returns which must be mailed.

Tax Preparation

I will provide you with an accurate tax return so that you do not have to worry about government agency notices or demands for back taxes or penalties due. All relevant tax matters will be carefully discussed so that you can avoid any later problems and maximize your economic situation, keeping your taxes as low as permitted by tax laws.  I will prepare your tax return based on information you provide and in the event your return is audited you will be responsible for verifying the items reported.  Services for auditing, review, or any other verification or assurance are not included in the tax preparation service unless agreed upon as additional services.


Examples of important records needed in order to properly complete your income tax return:

Copies of last year's tax returns.  All annual information report forms such as wage W-2 forms, bank or broker 1099-INT (interest), 1099-DIV (dividends), or 1099-B (proceeds from broker or barter transactions) forms, state refund and unemployment 1099-G forms, independent contractor 1099-MISC forms, retirement fund (pension and IRA) distributions on 1099-R forms, Schedules K-1 from partnerships, S corporations, estates and trusts, social security SSA-1099 forms, mortgage interest 1098 form(s), listings of all medical expenses and charitable contributions. Traditional IRA, SEP, or SIMPLE plan contributions.  Student loan interest paid.  Any document relating to a sale of property (closing statement for real estate sale), business or rental income and expenses, stocks and other investment items. Detail of federal and state estimated tax payments made, if any.

Tax Organizer

The best way to insure an accurate and lower tax due return is to obtain a tax organizer, complete all questions, and locate all related documents before you come to your interview appointment. Not only does this help prevent any omission of information from your completed tax return, it will also allow more time to provide for the most in-depth analysis of your tax situation so that I can provide you with the greatest tax savings. If you choose not to fill out the organizer, you should at least answer the "Yes" or "No" questions under the "Questions--All Taxpayers" section.  Contact me to have a free tax organizer sent to you by email, fax, or mail, or just click the link below to download a current tax organizer.


Click here to download a 2019 tax year organizer!




Using "Dropbox" online application to send tax documents


Register for a free Dropbox account and upload your tax documents online.  Easy drag'n'drop to move files from your computer hard drive folder right into a Dropbox window folder.  For more information:  Safe, fast, and effective!


Tax Preparation Interview



Prior to the appointment:


Bring a copy of last year's tax return.

Please have all of your annual statements and tax documents together for your interview.

Remember that any regular government document will have a copy sent to the IRS and must be reported properly.

Rentals should have income and expenses listed, businesses a Profit & Loss Report.

Bookkeeping to complete write-up of accounting records as required for preparation of the business income tax return calculated at $50 per hour will be added to the tax return preparation fee (compiling annual expenses from a checkbook ledger, etc.).


I can come to your home or residence if you live in Portland, OR or surrounding communities for a travel fee based on travel time at $10 per hour round-trip.

We can do telephone interview if you can mail all documents and a completed organizer ahead of time.

Please call or email if you need any additional information on tax preparation services.

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